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La emocionante escena culinaria de Cartagena solo está mejorando a medida que el turismo continúa creciendo. Lo crea o no, hemos reducido esta lista a todos los lugares que le recomendamos encarecidamente que visite durante sus vacaciones.

Vea nuestras recomendaciones por barrio:

ciudad Vieja

old city

Gelateria Tramonti

This is by far the best option for gelato and ice cream in Cartagena.  They offer a variety of 16 flavors which changes everyday.

La Paletteria

Check out their amazing variety of flavors of popsicles. My favorite is the tropical flavor, which is a variety of fresh fruit frozen into a popsicle.


Known for their brownies, Mila is a place to be seen. You will see locals arriving in their Sunday’s best while tourist (and myself) will come in for a good Sunday breakfast after a good Saturday night out.

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Patricia Beron

This bakery is reliably bakes great chocolate chip cookies, brownies and chocolate cake at inexpensive prices.

Cookie Jaar

Cookie jar has amazing fresh cookies that are always served hot.  Stop in to get a box to go and you will make everyone in your group extremely happy when you return.

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